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Chile first introduced graphic health warnings in November 2006. Tobacco packages are required to have a health warning cover the bottom 50% of the front and bottom 50% of the back of the package.

Chile has produced eight rounds of warnings. Warnings within each round were originally required to be rotated every 12 months, but since 2013 have been required to be rotated every 24 months.

Chile requires one descriptive message on emissions and constituents on the side of packages.

Chile prohibits the terms such as “light,” “smooth,” “mild,” and “low in tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide,” from appearing on packages.

Legislation and Regulations

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Health Warning Reports, Publications & Presentations

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Health Warnings

2013 to Present**

2011 to 2012**

Chile 2012 ETS general - humour, text
ETS – General

2011 to 2012**

Chile 2011 ETS child - targets parents
ETS – Child

2010 to 2011**

2009 to 2010**

Chile 2009 ETS baby - lived experience, baby, targets pregnant women
ETS – Baby

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